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The Flamingo Fresh Food Bar has been dishing out its home-cooked and varied cuisine since 2010. With regional, high-quality ingredients and a whole lot of love, we offer a rotating selection of soups and dishes made from scratch. Our many regulars and international guests love our healthy salads with countless dressings and toppings, our awesome sandwiches and soups and of course, our fresh cakes and delicious desserts.  

Start your day at our light and modern bistro with a healthy breakfast. Enjoy our daily changing lunch specials, relax with great coffee and cake or a light bite along with a glass of fine wine. Located next to the “Brandenburg-Gate and Museums-Island”, Flamingo Fresh Food Bar is the perfect location to kick off or to finish your Berlin experience. All dishes and drinks can also be prepared for takeaway!

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all homemade

from 7.30AM to 11.30AM

scrambled eggs

omellete with two large eggs including bread, butter & salad

7.50 €
+ ham  +3.00 €
+ feta cheese or parmesan +2.50 €
+ fresh tomato +1.50 €
+ avocado or salmon +3.20 €

pancakes with fresh fruit salad, powdered sugar & maple-syrup

10.40 €
fresh juice
0,2 L4.50 €
fresh juice
0,4 L6.80 €
MIMOSA – sparkling wine with orange juice
4.90 €
fresh fruit salad
4.50 €
bircher müsli
4.20 €
yogurt with fruits & honey
4.40 €
croissant chocolate
2.50 €
2.30 €
3.70 €


Soups:  please check our German page or ask our friendly staff for our daily changing soups

Monday Tuesday
Wednesday to Friday
small portion of soup 5.50 €

1=vegetarian 2=lactose-free 3=vegan
Our homemade soups contain NO flavor enhancers, gluten, sauce thickeners or flour

Lunch: please check our German page or ask our friendly staff for our daily changing main-course
Monday – Thursday
Tuesday Friday


fresh fruit salad
4.50 €
fresh leaf lettuce salad

homemade salad including bread and dressing
Includes oak leaf, romaine, radicchio, and rocket with vine-ripened tomatoes and cucumbers

small 6,50 €
big 7.50 €
additional ingredients:
feta cheese, egg, dried cranberries, parmesan, olives, tuna, seed-mix each2.50 €
marinated chicken breast 2.90 €
1/2 avocado with olive-oil 3.20 €
smoked salmon 3.20 €
dressings: honey-mustard- balsamic-oil, italian-herb-balsamic, pineapple-coconut, ginger-lemon, amercian-dressing  

caprese-style rocket salad

rocket, colourful cherry tomatoes, mini mozzarellas, pine nuts, mini ciabatta and your choice of dressing

7.00 €

mediterranean-style pasta salad

vegetarian penne with dried tomatoes, olives, capers, parmesan slivers, rocket and olive oil

7.00 €

chicken and pesto pasta salad

penne with roasted chicken breast fillet, red pesto, olives, dried tomatoes, capers, parmesan slivers and parsley

8.90 €

couscous with mango & chickpea

couscous with mango, chickpea, celery, dried cheries, maple syrup & lime juice

7.00 €

couscous with red cabbage

couscous with red cabbage, cucumber, walnut, lime, grapes & rocket

7.00 €


special sandwich july

ham, cheese, egg, cream cheese, salad & butter

7,20 €

tomato and mozzarella sandwich

Fresh pesto, mozzarella, vine-ripened tomatoes, basil and rocket

6.80 €

aubergine and antipasti sandwich (vegan)

grilled aubergine with vine-ripened tomatoes, roasted sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, ajvar, rocket and a dash of olive oil

7.50 €


chicken breast filet, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, balsamic & salad

7.90 €

hummus-avocado-sandwich (vegan)

hummnus, avocado, cherry tomato, parsley, olive-oil

7.50 €


parmesan slivers and sun-dried tomatoes with rocket and our homemade honey-wasabi spread

7.50 €

roast beef-sandwich

roast beef, mild honey-wasabi spread, cheddar cheese & rocket

7.90 €

salmon cream cheese

smoked salmon, cream cheese, radish, dill, spinach salad

7.90 €


austrian cheese, honey mustard sauce, tomato, lettuce

7.50 €

tuna chili cheese-sandwich

tuna cream, chili cheese, apple, romaine lettuce, butter

7.90 €

goat cheese-sandwich

goat cheese, tomato, fig-confit, rocket salad

7.50 €


croissant, camenbert-cheese, ham

4.50 €

Gerne können wir jedes Sandwich auf dem Grill erwärmen!

yogurt with fruit

yogurt with fresh fruit, some honey and crunchy müsli

4.40 €

bircher müsli

with berries, yogurt, honey, nuts, apple and pear

4.20 €
fresh fruit salad 4.50 €


chia seeds, coconut milk, mango purée

4.20 €

vanilla-poppy quark

with mango puree

4.20 €
vanilla rice pudding with coconut milk 4.20 €
semolina-raspberry pudding 4.20 €
cake from2.50 €
croissant from2.30 €
muffin 3.70 €


Espresso 2.30 €
Caffè Latte
from3.60 €
Cappuccino from3.60 €
Milchkaffee 4.60 €
Flat White 4.30 €
Americano from2.60 €
Matcha Latte from3.60 €
Chai Latte from3.60 €
hot chocolate 3.80 €
tea 3.20 €
fresh tea 4.10 €
soft drinks from2.60 €
bottled beer 3.80 €
white wine 0,2l 7.40 €
red wine 0,2l 7.40 €
sparkling wine 0,2l 6.40 €
sprizz aperol 0,3l 7.00 €


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